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Secrets to A Perfect Character Party!

All the things a party princess wants you to know before, during, and after your event!

Hello everyone! Owner Alex here to share some of the top tips for a perfect character party! This coming April marks my fifth year in the party princess industry! For this selection of tips, I contacted many party princess friends to see just what your character would like you to know!

These tips are made for parents by character performers! The results of these tips have caused magical and memorable moments for the little royal guests and their families, as well as the performer. Enjoy these seven tips to add a little pixie dust to your next event!

Tip #1 - Choosing the Perfect Character!

Sometimes picking the character is the easiest part based on the theme of your party but what about those parties that don't have a theme?

Here are some questions to think about to pick out the best character that the children will love!

- What movie plays the most in your house?

- What is your child's favorite song to sing along to?

- What character do they like to dress up as?

- What are some of their favorite things? (For example, if they love to play Fashion Show our Fashionista Doll might be a wonderful addition)

Performers are more then happy to sing along or dance to songs not from their movie. Trust me, "Let It Go" has been sung at every type of party per child's request. If they want a special song we will make it happen!

Tip #2 - Be Aware of Overlapping Activities!

It can be super fun to have all sorts of activities for your little one's special day! Bounce houses, face painting, characters, and pony rides just to name a few! We recommend having separate time slots for each activity you select to book. This way children won't have to choose between all the fun things and each entertainer has their own time with the children. Characters won't have any children to watch their show if they are all in the bounce house. As well a face painter's hard work being undone if the pool immediately opens right after painting time.

Tip #3 - Adding Special Surprises to Your Event!

Have your character assist in revealing a big surprise for your little one. Let them know ahead of time for more elaborate surprises so they can assist in planning! But smaller things, like a gift or card you would like the character to give the birthday child, those moments can easily be done on the fly. Characters are there to make every moment magical and are happy to help add a little extra pixie dust to the day! And to be honest these moments are extra special for the performer as well! One of my most memorable parties involved telling a sibling group that they were going to Florida on a special vacation!

Tip #4 - Prepare the Space!

Avoid stress on party day by preparing the space before your character arrives. If they are doing makeovers, make sure there is a table and chair ready and waiting for them. When it comes to dancing and games, make sure there is an adequately sized open space for all younger guests to participate. It's no fun to constantly be bumping into the couch or coffee table when you're trying to dance with your favorite princess.

Tip #5 - Prepare Your Royal Guests to Assist the Character If Needed

Children can be incredibly excited to meet their favorite characters and that excitement can come out in a number of ways. Have a grown up keep an ear out for any non-princess like behavior from children. This could include any fighting (both physical and verbal) or having difficulty taking turns/waiting for their turn. We don't want a favorite character to be viewed by the little ones as the "bad guy" by having to enforce rules.

Tip #6 - Prepare The Big Kids for the Magical Visit!

We all know that kids can get to that age where they act as if they are "too cool for school" and try to expose the invited character as "not being real". Talk to the older children before hand about how special and important this visit will be for the younger guests. Character performers have experience with "You're not real" comments and can quickly come up with a response to keep the magic alive and divert attention to a new activity. But have a grown up keep an eye and ear out for continual comments or even attempts to remove a performers wig! While the last instance is extreme, it has in fact happened.

Tip #7 - Continuing the Magic!

Parents play a key role in keeping the magic alive before during and after the event. Asking the performer what their "real name" is in front of little ears will break the illusion very quickly. Please don't offer your character an alcoholic beverage or pay them in the presence of children. As a performer, we are more then grateful to be offered and to accept a bottle of water or even a tip but please do so discreetly, or even creatively. One party memory that makes me smile is a mom who wasn't able to tip me privately so she made a big deal that she was giving Anna a "donation to Arendelle". Super creative and definitely made me smile!

Don’t Forget To Have A Magical Day!

Never forget that this is a special day for your little royal. Characters are in the business of making magic, but more importantly, making memories for guests of all ages.

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