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A Mermaid Pool Party: All The Things You Need To Know!

It's Mer-MAY and we love a good under the sea themed bash! Something Royal is proud to offer mermaids that can swim in the pool with your party guests! But there is more to it then just plopping a performer in the pool. Check out this helpful guide to plan the best mermaid party a little minnow could wish for!

Find Your Pool

Step 1: Finding the Pool for your Mermaid Pool Party

This step can sometimes be as simple as looking in the backyard! But its always a good idea to take a look at your pool and make sure it is in fact mermaid accessible. Is it an above ground pool where the only way to get in is via a tall ladder? Not the easiest way for a performer with a tail on to get in and out of. Don't have a pool of your own? Check out nearby gyms and rec centers to see if they have birthday parties options for their pools!

Check With Your Pool

Step 2: Check In With The Pool

If the pool party is going to be held somewhere that isn't your home, double check with them before inviting a mermaid to your event. Some pools do not allow mermaid-ing due to safety and liability concerns. This goes for performers as well as tails children may wear, so always double check. You wouldn't want to have the mermaid waiting in the wings and then be told she can't get in the water!

Bring Your Favorite Toys

Step 3: Have Their Favorite Pool Toys or Activities Ready!

While performers arrive with a multitude of activities, sometimes children want to show off their favorite toys and games to their new mermaid friend! Many children love showing off their diving skills and retrieving diving sticks or rings from the bottom of the pool, or showing off their fancy pool float!


Step 4: Safety is the Top Priority!

Any amount of water can be dangerous for both children and performers! Make sure there is always an adult or a trained lifeguard watching over the pool at all times! This also includes the safety of the mermaid performer. Make sure children know to give the performer space so they can swim freely and safely and to avoid stepping on or pulling the tail fins.

No Pool No Problem

Step 5: No Pool? No Problem!

Mermaid parties are a hit in water or on land! Have a special place for the mermaid to sit and the royal assistant will direct fun activities that everyone can enjoy! Perfect for photo ops at an event or as a special meet and greet opportunity!

Things Your Mermaid Wants You To Know

Things Your Mermaid Wants You to Know!

Mermaid parties can be some of the most fun parties a performer can do. However there are things parents can help with to keep the magic going.

We all know that kids can get to that age where they act as if they are "too cool for school" and try to expose the invited character as "not being real". Talk to the older children before hand about how special and important this visit will be for the younger guests. Character performers have experience with "You're not real" comments and can quickly come up with a response to keep the magic alive and divert attention to a new activity. But have a grown up keep an eye and ear out for continual comments or even attempts to remove a performers wig! While the last instance is extreme, it has in fact happened.

Don’t Forget To Have A Magical Day!

Never forget that this is a special day for your little one. Characters are in the business of making magic, but more importantly, making memories for guests of all ages.

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